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Augmented Reality Experience


8th - 10th


All three apps are available for download* at NO CHARGE for Apple and Android devices

*The app will go live on March 23, 2021


Each of the three apps includes an animated video overview of the industry followed by a narrated quiz for students to complete for comprehension retention. The augmented reality experience in each module ties directly back into career options, and students are provided a variety of resources to learn more about careers in agriculture after completing the experiences.

Students will use their mobile device or school tablet to download an app and activate each of the following experiences:

  • Indiana Crops Experience - An augmented reality exercise where students will operate a combine to harvest a field of corn, learning various facts about crop production along their journey.
  • Indiana Dairy Experience - An augmented reality exercise where students will have the opportunity to visit a virtual dairy farm, learning about four different areas of the farm used in milk production and cow comfort.
  • Indiana Hardwoods Experience - An augmented reality exercise where students will navigate a logger around a virtual forest. They will help manage the forest by harvesting four varieties of hardwood trees (ash, hickory, maple and oak) while learning about products made from each type of hardwood.

Thanks in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Beck’s Hybrids, Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association and the American Dairy Association of Indiana.

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