Current Donors

Updated on June 1, 2021
ADM Alliance Nutrition
Ag Plus, In Honor of Craig Sherbahn
Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bio Town Ag, Inc.
Bishop Insurance Agency Inc.
Broady-Campbell, Inc.
Buckingham Foundation, Inc.
Casey's General Stores
CORE Planning Strategies
Dan Willoughby Sales, Inc.
Daughters of the American Revolution
DeCamp Family Real Estate Trust
Dippin Dots
Duke Energy
Environmental Pest Control Inc.
Farm Bureau Foundation
Farm Credit Mid-America
Farnsworth Metal Recycling LLC
First Farmers Bank & Trust
Harvest Land Co-op
Hathaway Strategies, LLC
Hayden Grove Farms, GP
Hopkins Food Service
Horizon League
Hulman & Company Foundation, Inc.
Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Farmers Insurance
Indiana Pork
Indiana Soybean Alliance
Indiana Standardbred Association
Indiana State Department of Agriculture
Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives
International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees
International Association of Fairs & Expositions
Jack Rodibaugh & Sons, Inc.
Kent Nutrition Group
Knauth Show Pigs
Laird Premium Blend Genetics
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Leading The Education About Pigs Foundation LLC
Lopp Family Dentistry
Mauck Show Hogs
Maywood Farms
Meatball Factory Deli LLC
Old National Bancorp
POET Biorefining LLC - Alexandria
Reynolds Farm Equipment, Inc.
Robbins Family Trust
Schmidt Associates
Shaffer Goldrush Inc.
Shuter Sunset Farms, Inc.
Sunglo Feeds
United Animal Health, Inc.
Villwock Farms
Wilson Industrial Sales Company
Wischmeier Companies, Inc.
Mr. Kyle Albertson
Ray, Jenn & Reese Allison
Ms. Tessie Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth Bales
Ms. Sara Bartleson
Alexis K. Behnkendorf
Katherine Benedict
Michael and Chelsea Berkery
Gary Borgmann & Sandy Key
Bill Bourne
Ms. Joannie Bowen
Bradford Family
Ms. Bonita Bray
Mr. and Mrs. John Breck
Mr. Samuel Brewster
Marshelle Broadwell
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brooke
Ms. Chrystyne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brown
Ms. Phyllis Brown
Dick Butler
Ms. Katie Buzan
Marla Calico, CFE
Mr. Richard Carl
Cates Family
Chestnut Family
Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cooprider
Mr. and Mrs. Brent S. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Cox
Anne Dabbs
The Daniels Family
Mr. Joe Dauria
David and Brenda Day
Nick DeKryger
Ms. Nancy Delson
Mr. Brock Deno
Mr. Luke Deno
Mr. Jonathan Edwards
Ashton Eller
Mr. and Mrs. Dale English
Mr. Mike Etchison
Leigh Riley Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Evens
Bruce Everhart and Family
David Farmer
Bruce Flanagan
Mr. Kevin Flory
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fosler
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Frain
Franklin Family
Jack Gaby
Mr. Justin Gaerte
Rick Galloway
Ms. Diane Gann
Marlo Calico, Vicki Chouris, Becky Brashear, Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, Debbie Dreyfus-Schronk, Nancy Smith, Lisa Hinton, Renae Korslien, Kelly Collins, Jessica Underberg & Jennifer Giesike
Dr. Tracey Gillespie and Mr. Mark Keehn
Gillis Family
The Gladsons
Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Goode
Jeffrey Goodspeed
Graham Family
Ms. Margie Grant
Mr. Clark Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Harker
Harrell Family
Haupert Family
Michael Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haymaker
Jason and Angela Henderson
Mr. Douglas Herd
Hiatt Family
Kerri and Aaron Hilbers and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hindsley
Hodson Family
Mr. Dan Howel
Cynthia Hoye
Patricia A. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Huston
Ms. Jan Johnson
Richard Jones
Jones Family
Mr. and Mrs. James Kilmer
Ms. Beverly Kinkead
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Klemm
Ms. Diane Layton
Michelle Leavell
Bill & Lori Leeuw
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Leland
Ms. Rebecca Liming
James T. Lockwood, Jr.
Love Family
Jennifer Lukemeyer
John Mahoney
Marrinan Family
Ms. Angie Martin
Susan Mathew
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Maxwell
Mr. Jarrod May
BJ McElroy
Mrs. C J McFall
McQuern Family
William McVay
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Meeks
Ms. Cyndy Meier
Rusty and Jeanette Merritt
Mr. Joseph Miller
Matthew Mithoefer
Jeff & Gwen Mize
Spencer Morris
Mrs. Natalie Myers
Myers Family
Georgianne Neal & Family
Neukam Farms
Mr. Edward O'Neill
Mr. Pete Oren
Steven L. Patterson
John & Amy Pfeffenberger Family
Pinnick Family
Alfred E. and Anita D. Polin
Ms. Lennyce Powers
Chrysa Prom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reel
Ms. Carol Reeves
Matt and Melissa Rekeweg
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Reynolds
Ms. Miriam Robeson
Mr. Arthur Rock
Ms. Tamara Roe
Ms. Irene Roseman
Ross Family
Ms. Elisabeth Rutledge
Ms. Eileen Savoldi
Scarborough Family
Mr. Fritz Schanz
Ms. Susie Schmoll
Tim Schwab & Family
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Sease
Mr. Jordan S. Seger
Ms. Josephine Shanafelt
Terrence Simpson, State Fair Band Announcer for 58 years
Sinclair Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Slater
Philip and Monica Smiley
Dr. Richard and Sharon Sommers
Nora Spitznogle
Charles Sponhauer
Ms. Jo Ann Sporleder
Mike and Tami Spray
Mr. Domanic Stevens
Elizabeth Stewart
Betty Stilwell
Terry and Karen Strueh
Marilyn and Don Templeton
John and Ann Trimble
Keagan Trout
Todd and Lisa Uhl
Mrs. Tammy Utterback
Mr. John Veers
Ms. Kathy Verseman
Richard E. Walker
Alan and Jenny Washburn
Ms. Lori Watson
The Webel Family
Mr. Greg Wegiel
Gary & Renee Weinreb and Stella
Weisert Family
Dr. Jim Weisman
Ms. Cindy Wells
Whitaker Family
Ms. Vicky White
Ruth Widman
Ms. Elizabeth Wiesenauer
Olgen Williams/Victory Tabernacle Church
Mr. David Wooldridge
Young Family
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